By Cristian Jaramillo

Flowers are typically associated with certain times of the year, which is different for each flower. This idea of beauty is true in many forms of nature as well, whether leaves are wilting, flowers are blossoming, or rain is falling in the midst of everything.

What I wanted to capture was the hidden beauty of already beautiful, natural things. We see parts of life and emotion throughout these different perspectives/photos, such as birth, love, stillness, rigidness, tranquility, innocence, sadness, loneliness, excitement.

But what is also here is simplicity in what we often miss and need in our lives; nature is the simple, but often overlooked, and its beauty is then missed.

We sometimes fail to understand that although tomorrow may be another day, another flower or leaf, it can be beautiful in its own way. We just need to look a little closer, or maybe just at a different angle, to find the beauty.

This is similar to anything else in life, because life is always a beautiful thing, and is always balanced – there is no life without death, happiness without sadness, anger without peace, love without loss.