The closer we get to Christmas, the stronger one may feel the need to spend more time with friends and family, to enjoy the moment and to contemplate the festive spirit in the city – isn’t it what we all want to do during December? How about meeting with your friends in a cozy and stylish café, drinking hot chocolate or green tea with delicious cake? Here is the list of the places to go for you to spend last days of this year (and not only) in cozy, stylish and atmospheric cafes.

If Café (Tylovo Náměstí 2) is a perfect place to have a quick chit-chat with your friends or for some other fancy high tea meetings. The minimalistic design of the café makes you feel as if you’re in Paris: stylish marble tables mixed with blue stools and few different colored pillows make the place not only cozy, but aesthetic and worth visiting.

Café Café (Rytířská 10) is the perfect spot not only for winter season, but during the whole year. The modern loft-styled design mixed with the bohemian chic creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. It has cute small tables for the company of friends and bar zone for those who’d like to come by for a little. The place itself has a very unique style, as it is hard to say which style is the dominant one, as they all mix together creating a very special interior.

La Bottega Bistroteka (Dlouhá 39) is a nice spot to have a lunch or a nice dinner with your friends with long and deep conversations, just because the atmosphere there is so relaxed and warm that it is hard not to follow the flow. And as we mainly talk about the design of a café, this is the main reason why you should consider visiting it anytime soon. Just imagine how just by walking in you see stylish design in the mix with an easy negligence – the reason enough to stay and to feel yourself comfortable while enjoying the meeting with your friends. It is considered as a bistro, but the menu and the service are making La Bottega Bistroteka worth being called a café. You may even consider this place for a special date, as in the evening they light up candles, which creates a special romantic aura in the café.

If you’re looking for a cute and cozy café with really low prices, yet nice atmosphere, you definitely should add Piknik (Dlouhá 723/52) to your list of places to go. Even though, the place itself is tiny and simple, it’s that kind of simplicity that gives a real feeling of coziness and comfort enough to make you come over and over again. Maybe the secret is in white color that gives this place a special charm, and at the same time it doesn’t make this place look too extra in terms of design.

Out of all other cozy and stylish cafes, Kare Café (Jungmannova 750/34) has the most fascinating design. Big windows that let you observe the street and people passing by, colorful pillows making you feel extremely homely, and different details, such as mirrors, tables, stools, and other decorative items – all together are the reasons enough to make you want to come back. Besides the design, Kare Café has life performances on Friday night. So if you happen to be not only an aesthete, but also a music lover, make sure to check out this place.

Photo Courtesy of Kare Cafe