After they sold out Forum Karlín in 2016, Los Angeles’ Hollywood Undead is ready for round two. On 16th February 2018  the band will revisit Karlín with their new album “V” (Five).

“We’re five brothers, and this is our fifth record. Nothing gets to the essence of the music like this number does.” J-Dog, Funny Man, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene and Deuce doubted their survival past the first album “Swan Songs”.

Covered in masks and screaming obscenities to the mic, the group stormed MySpace in 2005. Three years later the uncensored version of “Swan Songs” reached platinum sales. Song “Everywhere I Go” became hit of the never-ending nights and Hollywood Undead went worldwide.

That moment singer Deuce left and American Idol contestant Daniel “Danny” Murrilo joined the four. Danny’s debut album “American Tragedy” made it halfway. It won Gold Award from RIAA, but, many started to suspect Hollywood Undead was a one trick pony. Changing masks was not enough to keep the band standing, however, the oddly dressed quintet caught eye of Jonas Åkerlund. The Swedish drummer and Grammy winning director stood behind music clips for Madonna, Rammstein, U2 or Metallica. He shot Hollywood’s Undead “Hear Me Now” video and made photo series called: “Dior – as seen by Hollywood Undead.” The latter seemed to stir something and Hollywood Undead woke up to the darker California. The 2012 studio release “Notes From The Underground” marked breaking point in their style. Alcohol, drugs and sex played second stage. Rich get richer and poor get poorer turned to be the new engine for the songs.

The change was complete with “Day of The Dead.” The 2015 album is rated the best we’ve seen from Hollywood Undead so far. Preview song “California Dreaming” released in July hints “V” might be the heaviest yet. “In California we never sleep. We’re dreaming,” reflects Danny as group of children dance around burning dumpster.

Comfortable in the new beat Hollywood Undead grew up and their show next February may be very different from the last visit. Album “V” is hitting shelves this October.

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