Anglo-American University’s dominance in the first three quarters of the basketball match against Masaryk University’s Faculty of Medicine was not enough to outplay the Brno team.

The medical faculty trailed behind in the third quarter 41-37 but managed to bounce back and end the match 57-53 with a successful offensive play.

After coming into the game against the weak-starting Brno side, AAU dominated by leading 12-11 in the first quarter and 33-22 in the second.

AAU Basketball coach and Captain Adi Hadzic believes his team was committing too many fouls and was not as fit as the Faculty of Medicine side.

“We went into the match and played really well on the defensive. But at the beginning of the fourth quarter it was obvious that our players were tiring out,” Hadzic said. “Compared to the medical faculty we racked up 21 fouls whereby they only committed 14 throughout the entire match. Most of them were easily avoidable and those fouls cost us a good ten or twelve points.”

This was the first time AAU basketball team played against Masaryk University’s Faculty of Medicine.

“We’ve left the game today knowing what our mistakes were and we will be working on them in preparation for our next match,” Hadzic said.

Faculty of Medicine captain Ricardo Catumbela was delighted with his team’s performance after coming all the way from Brno for the match.

“I’m really proud of the boys and they kept their heads up throughout the entire match,” Catumbela said. “Their endurance gave them the advantage over AAU and although our defensive game wasn’t great we came back on the offensive in the end.”

The friendly match was played at CZU University’s sporting complex in Suchdol. AAU has been invited for a re-match in Brno in two weeks, however, Hadzic has not decided yet.