To have left Paris to come to Prague for my college education is perhaps one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life. When I first visited Prague at a younger age, the contrast of the colors of the buildings stayed in my mind; and so, Prague became a mayhem of beautiful buildings and fierce, colorful inverses to me.

This is my third year at AAU, and my earlier vivid image of Prague has undergone a great diversity. It’s amazing to be surrounded by the fresh underground artistic scene blooming and opening doors and opportunities for young people. Unlike Paris, where I tend to feel like everything has already been said and done by genius minds of generations before me. This is exactly why I’ve come here and why I would like to stay here. Also, this city has allowed me to meet amazing people of various backgrounds, who share open-mindedness and acceptance, and are keen on creating a sincere community.

I’m currently finishing my last semester at AAU, and just started working at the school library. What’s next? Completing my Master’s and some more time in Prague.

Photo by Eli Hwang