4:15 a.m.
A letter comes to the Police.

Lost: A man.
40 to 50 year old.
Known as body
that brings a brand new cry to the world,
places ecstatic smiles on seemingly dead worm-eaten faces
and makes the heart throb like a wound in a salty water of Styx.
Look for blood boiling warmth,
sea mud softness,
feeble-minded kindness,
strangling gentleness and
dangerously unlimited lovingness
of his comforting hold,
which supposedly passionate
but disturbingly moist and
overly intentional kisses,
and too-tight hugs
of the best lovers in the universe can’t give.

As mythical as God,
but not violent, nor cruel,
nor merciless.

Gone father.


Photo of Flickr user Luis Marina

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