his fingers as knives
touch the red velvet dress
making a track to the forbidden place,
scaring to death
pale, poor Grace.

furiously, fearless man,
leaves a scar on the scarless legs…
he has found the sacred place
slowly, killing the kid in Grace.

the monstrous, giggly face,
that was never forgotten, remembered or thought of
suddenly starts to fade.
his heart is impaled with knife that he got for birthday to Grace.

three holes in the heart of a man,
Grace tries to escape.
thoughts vanish, no light and no way
only natural senses now help.

She screams, “Help, I was raped”
repeats once, twice, three times,
no one replies.
She is hopeless.

tears run down her cheeks
realizing that She is stuck in the bunker with corps of a man,
who promised her mother to caress both of them.
wishing to never have heard or believed what he said.

hours pass…

blood dries up on her thighs;
mans’ snow-white shirt now matches red-fiery dress that Grace had.
shaking of cold, barely breathing – She falls asleep
next to the body of man
tenderly loved by her mom,


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Paul Walker

Elizaveta works directly with the editor-in-chief, collaborating on the magazine's content and policies. She deals with administrative and financial tasks, managing and finding advertisement partners for the magazine. Together with the editor-in-chief Elizaveta works on Lennon Wall's projects and prepares the magazine's monthly newsletter. Sometimes performing editorial tasks, Elizaveta continues to write feature stories for the magazine.