I am obsessed with the meaning of flower petals. I love flowers, but not for their smell, or beauty, or romance. I love them for their implications. They are the best metaphor for relationships.

You see, a person only gets you flowers when he or she has no idea what else to buy. How about a mug? Oh, they don’t remember if you drink coffee or not. How about a wallet? Have you gotten a wallet yet? Do you even have money to put in a wallet? They have no idea. How about a book? Now, that’s just ridiculous, you might simply be illiterate. Food? Too risky, you may be a vegetarian, a monk, or allergic to seafood. Basically, by getting you flowers, they do not know anything or don’t care about you.

Buying flowers is super easy. Go to a nearby store and pick any of those already-perfectly-organized bouquets. (Classical roses should be the safest choice.) Write some boring cliché card. Then, pay and leave. No need for cracking one’s brain to figure out what they are interested in. No need to spend a great deal of money on movie tickets or dinners. No need for effort or time. No need for anything. Not even feelings. Yes, flowers are just the simplest gift.

Now, you might be wondering why I talked about the “flower petals” in the beginning but never got to it. Well, now I will. I love flower petals. They are gorgeous whether fresh or dry, brightly vibrant or faded dead. Actually, flowers are most perfect when they are reaching the end of life.

You see, they are like fake relationships. They die. After a short period the petals would dry up, fall out and drop dead on the table. Just like your love.

This is why I adore flowers, especially roses – they are classical symbols of eternal love. You might feel really pumped and excited when those flowers show up because, “Gosh, they are so sweet, so romantic!” Then, they will die and you have to throw them away. They never stay long enough to play any significant role, do they? They don’t gain you any knowledge, except that your “sweetheart” is probably cheating on you. They don’t increase your work efficiency. They don’t serve any purpose, but mess your desk up with dead petals. And if for a second you think they represent the other’s feelings for you – short-lived, hypocritical and ostentatious – then you are probably right!

Petals  are the flowers decomposing, scattering all over the place. That’s what is left of you after your relationship ends as well. Fragmented into pieces. Dried. Dead. Useless.

They look great at first, don’t they? Those graceful hypocrites.

Chau is the Editor-in-Chief of Lennon Wall magazine since July 2017. She gives editorial directions, oversees the operation and set policies. Chau is responsible for the final products of the magazine.