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Online Spring 2016 Issue

LENNON WALL SPRING 2016 ISSUE Lennon Wall wants to thank Divadlo Archa and Blood, Love & Rhetoric Theatre for their support.       //e.issuu.com/embed.js All issues are published on ISSUU.

Why Don’t You Live as Art?

The word “art” has in contemporary society become a good strategy for selling products without their proper value. To give a value and a...

Ars Poetica

At the Lennon Wall proudly presents a new project created by AAU poetic talents! Our students got a chance to share their poems with...

Letter to the Editor by Alan Krautstengl

Prague, 9th December, 2013 The Editor, At the Lennon Wall, Anglo-American University Madam: I was greatly pained to hear about the allegations of improper conduct against members of the administration and...