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Online Fall 2016 Issue

Lennon Wall Fall 2016 issue We want to thank Attr@ttivo for their support. //e.issuu.com/embed.js All issues are published on ISSUU.

Places to Go: Taryn Simon at Galerie Rudolfinum

Art documents life. Much of what is known today about past cultures and societies is based on or exclusively from what art has depicted...

Online Spring 2016 Issue

LENNON WALL SPRING 2016 ISSUE Lennon Wall wants to thank Divadlo Archa and Blood, Love & Rhetoric Theatre for their support.       //e.issuu.com/embed.js All issues are published on ISSUU.

Why Don’t You Live as Art?

The word “art” has in contemporary society become a good strategy for selling products without their proper value. To give a value and a...

Ars Poetica

At the Lennon Wall proudly presents a new project created by AAU poetic talents! Our students got a chance to share their poems with...

Letter to the Editor by Alan Krautstengl

Prague, 9th December, 2013 The Editor, At the Lennon Wall, Anglo-American University Madam: I was greatly pained to hear about the allegations of improper conduct against members of the administration and...