On Friday, September 18 in the AAU Library an “Action!” command was given to a new set of the movie nights with professors, promising all the film lovers six unforgettable evenings dedicated to the mystery of love.

As the Guilty Pleasures series, held in the Spring semester, had a tremendous success and gained a lot of interest from the student body, AAU Film Club and Anthony Marais, Composition professor, came up with the idea of launching its sequel Amor-o-scope.

“I would not expect a simple romantic comedy,” Marais said, describing the series. The key idea of Amor-o-scope is to show a film of analytical quality that exposes the realities of relationships and goes into the depths of one the most mysterious feelings in the Universe – love. However, it has to be a movie which participating lectures can strongly identify as “good,” whereas in the Guilty Pleasures series professors had to show the film they would never present in the class.

Although a number of presenters has changed – Robert Warren joined the group of five participating professors –  the most fun part of the series remains the same: nobody knows what is going to be shown up until the moment presenter reveals the mystery a few minutes before the screening.

Again, Douglas Dix was the first one to show the movie of his choice. “This is the film that I’m sure none of you have seen and the reason is simply because I’m acquainted with the director,” with these words he introduced “The Aspern Papers,” a work of Marianna Hellmund, who gave Doctor Dix a special permission for screening at the AAU. The movie is based on Henry James’ novel of the same name, which was inspired by the scandal involving secret letters Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote to Mary Shelley’s stepsister, Claire Clairmont. The historical background of the story professor Dix provided in his speech before the screening, enhancing the understanding of the film.

Every second Friday the AAU Film Club, with the cooperation of the AAU Library, hosts Amor-o-scope series, giving students an opportunity to enjoy great movies and afterwards meaningful discussions with professors, while drinking a glass of nice Moravian wine.

By Karina Verigina


Karina manages and supervises all day-to-day operations of Lennon Wall magazine. She is responsible for content planning, overseeing production of both print issue and online publication. Karina edits and reviews all articles and photographs for accuracy before they are released. She chairs the Editorial Board of the magazine, hiring and introducing new staff members to Lennon Wall environment. Karina continues to write feature stories for the magazine.